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Subdivision & Land Development

Subdivision and Land Development in Franconia Township is regulated through the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code and Franconia Township's Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance (SALDO). These two documents dictate how the process of subdividing or developing property within Franconia Township is handled. A qualifying property owner can submit an application along with engineered plans to the Township for official review. The Planning Commission (PC) is the first body to review the submitted plans. They formally accept plans at their meetings and then the Township Engineer conducts a technical review of the submission. The Engineer will issue a formal review letter that will be discussed during future meetings. The plan sets will continue to be revised until such time they are found acceptable. The PC is a recommending body and can recommend approval/denial of a plan to the Board of Supervisors (BOS). The BOS then conduct their own review of the plans based on the recommendation of the PC and the formal reviews by the Township Engineer. When found acceptable, the BOS will authorize approval/denial of the plans. 

Subdivision and Land Development is a two-step approval process requiring both preliminary and then final approval.  A plan does not go back before the PC during the final approval process; it only goes before the BOS.  For minor subdivisions, preliminary/final approval can be obtained concurrently.  Approvals are granted through resolutions by the BOS.

Subdivision & Land Development Application Packet

Fee Schedule 


Preliminary Approval 


(#04-19) Bayard Estates : 22 Residential Lots

Cowpath Road and Indian Creek Road Formally accepted by PC 9/3/19; Review Letter 8/30/19

 (#02-19) Allebach Tract : 11 Residential Lots

 655 Cowpath Road  Formally accepted by PC 5/6/19; Review Letter 5/3/19; 

(#01-19) Godshall Quality Meats - New Treatment Facility

Mill Road Formally accepted by PC 2/4/19; PC Conditional Preliminary/Final Approval 3/4/19

(#04-17) Belton Manor Estates Land Development; 8 Residential homes


335 Godshall Road Formally accepted by PC 8/7/17; Review Letter 8/31/17 & 2/20/18; PC Preliminary Approval 3/5/18; BOS Preliminary Approval 4/16/18

(#03-16) Sustainable Waste Solutions

Land Development

Hagey Road Lot 4

Formally accepted by PC 3/7/16; Review Letter 3/8/16; 5/16/16; PC recommended Approval 5/2/16; BOS Preliminary Approval 5/16/16

 (#11-15) Bergey's Truck Center Land Development   Route 113

 Formally accepted by PC 11/2/15; Review Letter 11/30/15; Review Letter 9/2/16; PC recommended Approval 9/1/16

Final Approval



(#03-19) JI Landis - Land Development Addition

905 Hagey Road

Approved 5/20/19

(#05-19) B & H Investments Land Development

Allentown Road

Approved 4/15/19

(#06-18) McCarthy Minor Subdivision

Sunset Lane

Approved 2/19/19

(#02-18) HTSF Land Development

Schoolhouse Road

Approved 1/21/19

(#05-17) Hillstone, Land Development; 51 Mixed Residential Units

31 Cowpath Road

Approved 10/15/18

(#04-18) Peklak Lot Line Adjustment

664 Indian Creek Road Approved 9/17/18

(#03-18) Peter Becker Land Development

140 Crescent Lane Approved 9/17/18

(#01-18) Stefanowicz Minor Subdivision

444 Creamery Road Approved 7/16/18

 (#06-17) Maplewood Estates Land Development - Peter Becker cottages 


 800 Maple Ave  Approved 1/15/18