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Township Officials

Board of Supervisors

Franconia is a Second Class Township governed by five supervisors, elected at-large for staggered six-year terms. In compliance with the Second Class Township Code and the Pennsylvania Municipalities Code, the Supervisors oversee:

  • Construction and maintenance of roads and bridges
  • Zoning and subdivision of land
  • Regulation of building and construction
  • Highway lighting, signing, and signalization
  • Designating funds for fire and emergency services
  • Parks and recreation programs
  • Regulations to promote the welfare of the community

The Board establishes Township policy, adopts legislation, and grants final approval of the many functions of Township government at public meetings.

Current Members

Township Solicitor
Dischell, Bartle & Dooley, P.C.
1800 Pennbrook Parkway, Suite 200
Lansdale, PA 19446   

Township Engineer
Gilmore & Associates, Inc.
65 East Butler Avenue, Suite 100
New Britain, PA 18901

Planning Commission

Planning Commission members, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, review and comment on all land development and subdivision applications submitted to the Township for code compliance. The Commission considers the impacts of proposed development on roadways and surrounding properties; assesses each application for landscape buffers, street trees, and pedestrian and vehicular circulation; and reviews and updates planning documents such as the Franconia Township Comprehensive Plan. Each member is appointed to a four-year term.

Current Members

  • Keith Kneipp, Chairman
  • John Medendorp, Vice Chairman
  • Douglas P. Worley, Secretary
  • George Balzer
  • Nancy Shelly
  • Steven P. Barndt
  • Paul Nice

Act 537 Committee

The Act 537 Committee is responsible for the planning associated with providing for the public health of the community through wastewater facilities management and sewer management.

  • Alfred S. Ciottoni, P.E.
  • Douglas C. Rossino, P.E.
  • Russell Dunlevy, P.E.
  • Robert H. Nice
  • David B. Fazio
  • Daniel Leidy
  • John Medendorp
  • George E. Witmayer, FSA
  • Jon A. Hammer, Township Manager

Parks and Recreation Board

  • Nancy Shelly, Chairman
  • Steve Hunsberger, Secretary
  • Kevin Nice
  • Lisa Musselman
  • Chris Stanford
  • Elaine Feiss
  • Maureen Yothers

Agricultural Advisory Committee

The committee members are responsible for reviewing all Agricultural Security Area applications and making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, as well as reviewing farms requesting inclusion in the Montgomery County Farm Preservation program. The members meet as necessary to process applications.

  • W. Blaine Souder
  • David K. Yoder
  • Curtis F. Nice
  • Grey R. Godshall

Emergency Management Agency

  • Ben Shearer, Coordinator
  • Jon A Hammer,  Township Manager
  • Michael L. Martin, Chief of Police
  • Tony Frydlewicz
  • James K. Minninger, III
  • Andrew Van Der Kleut

Montgomery County Health Department

1430 DeKalb Street
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA 19404
610-970-5040 ext. 4216

Jennifer Mercurio

Rachel DeMarzio
610-278-5117 (water)

North Penn Water Authority Representative

  • George Witmayer

Zoning Hearing Board

  • Robert S. Louden, Chairman
  • Daniel L. Leidy Sr., Vice Chairman
  • Roger M. Koffel, Member
  • Kyle Rodgers, Alternate 

Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor

Christen G. Pionzio, Esquire 
375 Morris Road
PO Box 1479
Lansdale, PA 19446-0773

Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer

  • Gerald Rittenhouse, Part-time
  • Timothy Meyers, Part-time

Public Works Director

  • Anthony Frydlewicz

Open Records Officers

  • Township - Jon A. Hammer, Township Manager
  • Police - Michael L. Martin, Police Chief
  • Franconia Sewer Authority - Stacey Singrella, Sewer Administrator

If you would like to volunteer for a Board or Commission, please click here and complete an application. 

Franconia Sewer Authority

Appointed by the Board of Supervisors, each member of the Franconia Sewer Authority (FSA) serves a five-year term, with one member being reappointed or replaced each calendar year. The FSA directs sewer debt management and upkeep of existing sewer lines and pump stations, recommends expansion of service when necessary, reviews all developments requiring public sewer lines, sets the rates, and handles all sewer billing.

Current Members

  • Robert J. Davies, Chairman
  • Robert Nice, Treasurer
  • Jill Halteman
  • Michael Alderfer
  • Rodney Kratz

Sewer Authority Executive Director 
George Witmayer 
671 Allentown Road 
Telford PA 18969

Sewer Authority Engineer 
Alfred S. Ciottoni, P.E. 
SC Engineers, Inc. 
P.O. Box 407 
Fort Washington, PA 19034

Sewer Authority Solicitor 
Eric C. Frey, Esquire 
Dischell, Bartle & Dooley, P.C.
1800 Pennbrook Parkway, Suite 200   
Lansdale, PA 19446